Unfortunately, due to a lot of factors, this story can't come at you in a reasonably scheduled manner. They'll just sort of be uploaded whenever but you can expect a finished novel *eventually*. This website is home to the episodic science fiction adventure story, Wanton Drifter. The story's concept is presented in short chapters or "Episodes". Just imagine it like a TV show or a comic, but one that you can read. For news or new updates on Wanton Drifter, bother the author on twitter. You can also send an email to hello@kamranpayne.com. You can also send fanart that can possibly get featured after new episodes.


The story centers around a family of close friends and their journey through our great solar system in an exciting and dangerous space time. As artificial intelligence begins to surpass human intellect, men and machine now live as socieatal equals in a new golden age of modern techology. People of both races began leaving the Earth's surface and terraforming other worlds, expanding their reach across our solar backyard. As rapid expansion continued, a new governing body was put into place, the Solar Fleet Alliance. With how fast people begin to spread across the solar system and form new colonies on newly terraformed land, the Fleet is stretched thin. With no government to enforce solar law, wide open lands and unchecked space becomes lawless territory, rife with bandits and organized crime. The protagonists we'll be following are the crew of a freelancer ship known as the Wanton Drifter.